A sexy little video: a boy with amazing abs. Technical problems on the blog today.

Hi, friends and readers:

In honor of “Amazing Abs Week” on this site, I decided to share this sexy little video with my readers. The young man has a ripped body and I think he’s kinds cute, don’t you? I guess someone phoned him and asked him to undress. Can you blame them?

I like the “Welcome” life preserver on the wall behind him, too.

Something went haywire on this site today. A problem with my web host’s server occurred around eleven AM, and the site was not accessible until around six PM this evening. Sorry if this caused disappointment for anyone, but the problem is fixed for now.

We’re home from the YMCA and the driving range. I’m fixing dinner tonight — filet of sole, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans. We’re watching an old Tm Cruise film later on: Risky Business. It’s the film that launched Cruise’s career, and it’s pretty sexy. Cruise was such a hottie, back then.

Have a nice Monday evening, all.

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