One more day of amazing abs; busy day ahead for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Your response to my series of “amazing abs” photos has been nothing less than overwhelming. It seems I’m not the only guy who appreciates a rippling belly.

But all good things must come to and end, as they say. So, today will be the last of the “amazing abs” series, for now at least. This morning, I offer two more specimens I know you’ll enjoy. And, thanks to everyone who wrote me, expressing their appreciation for this series of photographic gems.

I have a busy day ahead. My boyfriend has the day off, and we’ve designated today as our official “Get Crap Done Day”. Translated, that means we’ll spend a good part of today in the car, visiting various retail outlets: appliance store, sporting goods store, department store, Home Depot, etc. and so forth.

Now, I’d prefer to stay here on the island. I’m going to start a new story I’ll submit for the Best Gay Erotica 2013 collection, to be published by Cleis Press. I could make headway on the story if I stayed home. But once in a while, it’s necessary to get crap done, right?

I rose early this morning, for my two-mile walk on the beach, and a brief swim in the Gulf. It’s beautiful down there today, as always. But it’s especially nice right now, as our loggerhead sea turtles are creating their nests in the sand, near the dunes. It’s their time of year to do this. People who live on the island protect the nests with barriers, so the nests don’t get stepped on or otherwise molested. I counted seven nests this morning, during my walk.

Okay, everyone: have a nice Tuesday. Maybe we’ll see each other on the road.

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