Sexy guys asleep; pretty day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

For the past several days, I’ve posted photos of guys with amazing abs. Now, I’m going to post photos of sexy guys, fast asleep.

I think there’s something incredibly sexy about coming upon a cute guy who is sleeping. A guy always seems vulnerable when he’s not conscious. Like the guy in this morning’s post, sleeping outdoors on a bed sheet. Who could resist taking a long look, or maybe even touching him for a moment? Come on, look at those butt cheeks. You’d give them a squeeze, wouldn’t you?

Speaking of sleeping … I slept in late this morning; I’m not sure why. I had a busy day yesterday, with my workout at the YMCA, my visit to the driving range, my errands, and a small painting project. I guess I was tired.

Anyway, I rose around nine AM. I took my usual two-mile walk on the beach. Last night, We had a major thunderstorm ; it lasted about three hours, and it churned up the Gulf. The beach was covered in broken sea shells this morning, and the Gulf was still churning while I walked. I did take a quick dip, and the water felt great. A nice breeze blew and not many people were about.

I’ll work on my current writing project this morning. This afternoon, I’ll take a ten-mile bike ride. My boyfriend’s working, but a good buddy I’ve know since college is coming over for dinner tonight, so I won’t be lonely.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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