More hot guys at the beach; another installment of “Me and Shea” …

Hi, friends and readers:

Since I live in a beach community, I get to see hot young men at the shore most every day. Lucky me. The least I can do is to share some of my favorite photos of beach guys with you.

Do you like the young man at left. I think he’s kind of amazing. He reminds me of a guy I went to high school with; his name was Randy. He had shaggy blond hair and a body just like that. Aye-yi-yi. I had a major crush on Randy. Where is he today?

I’m up early again. I just fixed my boyfriend breakfast: ham and cheese omelet, juice, coffee, and toast. I’m so domestic. He’s off to work in a few minutes. I’ll be off for my morning beach walk. I wonder if the blond guy will be down there?

It’ll be a typical Wednesday for me: writing, YMCA, and maybe a visit to the driving range. I’ll cook dinner for us tonight, and maybe we’ll go for a swim and a dip in the hot tub.

Speaking of hot … What do you think of the second photo I’ve posted here this morning? I’m almost certain it was taken on a Gulf beach in Florida. It has that look to it. I think the guy’s pretty hot. Do you agree? Look at those shoulders and that washboard belly. Why can’t I look like that?

I had another very busy day on this site yesterday. About 700 people stopped by to view the posts and leave their comments. People seem to be enjoying my story, Me and Shea. Here’s the last installment.

* * * *

Copyright Martin Delacroix, 2009

When I woke the next morning, Shea’s van was not in his driveway. I assumed he’d gone surfing, but by dinnertime he still had not returned and I began to worry. I kept walking to my front window, looking out, wondering where he might be. It wasn’t till nine or so that I heard the mutter of his engine.

I waited ten minutes, running through my mind what I planned to say. Then I walked next door.  He answered wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts. I trembled when I looked at him, my voice cracked when I told him hi.

He didn’t reply; he only looked at me.

“Where were you all day?”

He glanced over my shoulder. “In New Smyrna; I went to see my family.”

I nodded and studied my feet. “Look, I’m sorry about last night; I shouldn’t have–”

“Alex, you’re not the only person who’s been hurt by a loved one. My mother left me, for Christ’s sake, but that won’t stop me from loving another person. Sometimes you’ve got to take a chance.”

I looked at Shea and nearly cried because he was so beautiful. My voice quivered when I spoke. “Promise me you’re serious, that it’s not only for sex.”

His hands went to his hips. He snorted and shook his head. “I’ve wanted you since the day we met, when you showed me how to use a can opener. Remember?”

I nodded, fists clenched at my hips.

“I tossed you hints, gave you opportunities, but you missed every one.”

I thought of his compliment in the kitchen, of the day he’d let me view him naked.  I recalled our touching while we’d done dishes the night before. What an idiot I was.

When I asked if I could come in, Shea nodded.

He said, “Sure, of course,”  and the tension drained from my body.

Once inside I did not hesitate: I wrapped my arms about Shea’s neck and pulled him to me, inhaling his scent. He rested his chin on my shoulder; his braids pressed against my cheek and his arms encircled my waist.

“Want to try again?” he whispered.

I nodded.

In his bedroom, we undressed in moonlight, saying nothing, just looking at each other. Our cocks were stiff; they bobbed before us. I went to Shea and crooked an arm about his neck. I pulled him to me, feeling his boner press against mine. He kissed my cheek, took my ear lobe between his front teeth and nibbled. I turned my head and our mouths joined. Shea’s tongue pried my lips apart, seeking my tongue. His stubble scraped my chin while his breath steamed against my upper lip.

Sinking to the mattress, we kissed like a pair of love-starved kids. I toyed with Shea’s braids; they were thick like his cock. Placing a hand on his pectoral, I pinched his nipple and made him groan. His skin felt warm and inviting, smooth to the touch. My hand traveled south, over his rippled belly, through his little patch of pubic hair, to his swollen cock. I took it in my hand and peeled back the foreskin. I teased the head with my thumbnail, drawing fresh moans from Shea.

Simultaneous cock-sucking had always been my favorite sex act with Griffin. When I requested this from Shea, he responded eagerly. Shifting his position on the mattress, he took my cock into his mouth, forming a seal with his lips. He polished the underside of my cock with his tongue while his head bobbed. It felt heavenly and I groaned. I ran my hands through his braids, massaging his scalp and thrusting my hips.

Shea had not showered since morning and his genitals smelled gamey, an arousing scent. His ball sac tasted salty when I licked it. I nibbled his foreskin with my teeth, tugging at it here and there before slipping his cock into my mouth.

How I’ve missed this feeling, this intimacy.

Shea’s erect cock was a whopper. I gagged at first, trying to get it all down my throat. But as soon I relaxed, I found a rhythm. I slurped away like a child with a snow cone. We went at it like this for a good fifteen minutes, giving each other pleasure until Shea lifted his face from my groin.

“Alex, will you fuck me?”

He furnished a condom and I took him on his back with his legs hiked, his knees touching his shoulders.

“Go easy,” he told me. “It’s been a while.”

* * * *

Okay, friends, that’s it for today. I hope your Wednesday goes well.

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