Sexy Evan Geiselman; quiet night on the island …








Hi, friends and readers:

Eva Geiselman’s about the cutest guy on the surfing tour these days. He’s from New Smyrna Beach, FL, just a little ways north of Cocoa Beach, where I surfed yesterday. I came across this little video of Evan, and I knew I had to put it up. He looks like he’d be a fun guy to spend time with, doesn’t he?

Here’s a color photo of Evan, for your enjoyment. Can you see why I like him so much?

I’m almost certain the photo was taken at Ponce de Leon Inlet in New Smyrna. It’s really the only good surfing break there, and the dunes look familiar. I’ve surfed there with my b/f a few times; I like it there, and the town itself is a joy to visit. People in NSB are friendly, and it’s a quiet community, nowhere near any major highways.

Of course, Evan lives there. That’s a good enough reason to stay in NSB. I haven’t seen him during my stays in the town, but maybe I’ll get lucky next time.

I just drove to our local market, about a mile from my home. Traffic had already thinned out.

The beach was packed today. Predicted rain never appeared, and folks were having a blast. The Gulf was choppy. Kids were having fun on their boogie boards when I took my walk after lunch. Now, everyone has gone home, and it’s quite peaceful on the island.

Have a nice Monday night, friends. You too, Evan.

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