Two more guys with flags. Happy Memorial Day to my readers …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Memorial Day. My flag flies proudly from a pole on my front porch; it looks great. But it doesn’t look as good as the flag in the photo at left. Why isn’t he in my front yard this morning? He could wave the flag all day. I’d bring him glasses of lemonade and serve lunch in the shade of my long leaf pine. We’d have such a good time.

Oh, well ….

I’m up late this morning. My boyfriend’s heading for work in about an hour. I’ll take a walk on the beach. Then I’ll work on a painting project this afternoon. Outside, it’s warm and overcast, not exactly perfect beach weather, but I suspect we’ll have a mob out here on the island, in any case. You should have seen the crowds on the sidewalks when I drove home on our beach highway, after my surfing trip. College kids were everywhere, the guys in boardshorts, the girls in bikinis.

I’m still basking in the glow of my surfing adventure yesterday. So often, when I visit Florida’s East Coast to surf, conditions change and the surf goes flat. I return to the Gulf Coast disappointed. But yesterday, conditions were close to perfect. I wore myself out, paddling and catching long rides.

Last night, my neighborhood threw a Memorial Day picnic on the beach, just before sunset. The food was great and so was the company. I’m damned lucky to live on this island with my wonderful boyfriend.

Does everyone like the second photo I’ve posted here. The young man certainly compliments the flag he’s holding, doesn’t he? I wonder why he’s sweating? Has he been waving that flag for hours, in honor of Memorial Day? I guess we’ll never know.

All right, everyone. Get out there and wave your flag today. Soak up some sunshine and let your loved ones know you care for them, especially if they have served our country.

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