A week of guys with amazing butts. Why I haven’t published something lately …

Hi, friends and readers:

If you’ve followed this site for very long, you know I’m a fan of young men with shapely rears, like the guy whose picture appears at left. Would you like to wake up next to him each morning? Aye-yi-yi ….

I rose early this morning. I had to drive into the city to have blood drawn for my semi-annual checkup. Oh, boy, what fun. Next week, I’ll see my doctor and he’ll tell me if my misbehaviors have done any damage to my body. Hopefully not.

I got a nice message from one of my readers yesterday, asking why I have not published anything new since my novel, Convict Ass, published in December 2011. He said, “I’ve read most everything you’ve written. Both your short stories and your books. I want something new. Are you going lazy on us or something?”

Nah, I’m not vegetating. On the contrary, I’ve been busy as hell. Over the past the months I’ve rewritten a 115,000 word mainstream novel — a mammoth task. I also wrote a 20,000 word short novel that’s just starting edits, and will probably publish in late summer or early fall 2012. I also wrote another short novel that my editor and I just finished revisions on; it’s titled Loving Samuel. It’ll likely publish in late summer 2012, as well. So, I’ve been busy-busy.

Look, the process of writing a book, doing edits, and then getting it published, is a lengthy process. The whole thing can take a year or more, sometimes longer. So, I’m sorry if there has been a hiatus in my releases. Please be patient. If you want something new to read, may I recommend books by my good friend and fellow author, Vincent Diamond. He writes gritty erotica for gay males. Here’s a link:


Okay, I have much to do today: writing, exercising, errands, and such. So, I’ll wish everyone a happy Tuesday.


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