More guys with sweet behinds; Martin’s golfing today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Is everyone enjoying my “guys with amazing butts” series of photos? What do you think of the rear on the young man at left? What a pair of cheeks ….

I’m up early again today; it’s becoming a habit, so I can get outdoors before the temperature climbs. I took a walk on the beach, then a dip in the Gulf.

The Gulf’s still pretty rough this morning, the after effect of the tropical storm that gave the East Coast such good surf last Sunday. Not many people were on the beach, and the walking surface was kind of rough on my bare feet, due to all the shells. Still, it was nice to get down there and dunk myself in the refreshing Gulf waters. It’s a great way to wake yourself up.

On to other important matters ….

Here’s another guy with an amazing rear. I know, it’s a black and white, but still. Look at those cheeks. Aye-yi-yi.

Now, why do you suppose this young man is bending over with his pants lowered, and pulling his left cheek to the side? Is that an invitation? You be the judge.

I’m still getting comments from readers about the anti-gay rant from Blake, the AZ BMXer. Look, like I said, the guy’s an idiot, but I like to let divergent viewpoints be heard, even when I don’t like what’s been said. It’s called “free speech”, folks.

All right, I need to load up my golf clubs. My golf game  sucks, but I get a little better each time I play. It’s going to be warm out there today, but I’m itching to hit the course. Have a nice Thursday, everyone.



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