A surfer enjoying his surroundings; quiet Sunday night on the island …








Hi, friends and readers:

I came across this little video, and it made my heart sing. If you’re wondering what’s going on in the video, I’ll explain. In the surfing world, there are shortboarders and longboarders. The former are mostly younger guys with little body fat and lots of shoulder power. Longboarders are usually old guys like me.

The boy in the video is a shortboarder. He’s floating on  his board, waiting to catch a wave. His board is so light, it’s submerged. When his wave arrives, he’ll paddle like crazy, then catch the wave and stand up. I’m amazed at how such a skinny shortboard can support the weight of a 165 pound surfer, but it works.

It’s been a week since I’ve surfed, and I am already stoked to return to the East Coast. I may go with my boyfriend, mid-week, if the conditions are right. We’ll wait and see. There are websites that keep us posted on the wave situation on Brevard County, on a daily basis.

I’ve had a productive day. I wrote in the morning. This afternoon, I worked on a painting project. Next tourist season (December through April) I’ll rent an apartment I  own to people spending the winter in Florida. The apartment has to be painted and updated, and this will keep me plenty busy in the months ahead.

I don’t mind painting; it gives me time to think. And I get a feeling of satisfaction when the job is done. Everything looks fresh and clean, and the new paint even smells nice.

I’m home alone this evening. I invited a friend for dinner, but he had plans, so I’ll dine alone, I guess. It’s a pretty evening, here on the island. A breeze is blowing and the temperature is dropping as the sun sinks toward the horizon,

Have a nice Sunday evening, friends.

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