Hot guys snuggling; gloomy morning on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

The response to my series of photos depicting guys snuggling has been overwhelming. There’s something sweet about these pictures, isn’t there? They sort of shatter the taboo of two guys sleeping in each other’s arms, and I like that.

I’m offering two more of my favorites this morning. Do you like them as much as I do?

I rose before seven this morning, to take my two-mile walk on the beach. The sky is cloudy and dark, the humidity extremely high. Few people strolled the beach when I was down there. It seems a large band of rainstorms is headed for Florida’s west coast today, so outdoor activities are definitely not the thing to plan for. I have a dental appointment scheduled for mid-morning. (Oh, boy.) This afternoon, my boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. So, we don’t care if it rains or not.

Here’s the second photo, a nice black and white. Both guys look contented, don’t they? Do you think the photo was taken shortly after the subjects made love? I kind of think so, but there’s no way we’ll ever find out. We have to use our imaginations, which is what a good photograph forces the viewer to do.

Yesterday, another record was set on this site. I had 1,850 visitors, the largest number since I started the site in December 2011, after my old blog’s demise. Can you believe it. Back in January 2012, I averaged 200 visitors per day. Again, thanks to everyone who stopped by. A company contacted me last week about placing advertisements on this site. I told them, “no.” I don’t want to trash up my site with ads for porn or dildos; I want to focus on photographic art and good fiction. That’s enough,  isn’t it?

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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