Lover boys clowning around; “guys night” on the island …








Hi, friends and readers:

Aren’t the guys in tonight’s video post cute. They look like they’re having fun, don’t they? I think they’re practicing how to smoke a joint. I wonder where they live and what their names are? I’ll bet they are very much in love. You know you have it made when your boyfriend is also your best friend.

My boyfriend and I are home from our session at the YMCA. The gym wasn’t crowded, either was the pool. So we had a god workout and swim. Now we’re getting ready to host a “guys gathering” at our place. Four of us will drink beer, eat takeout barbeque, listen to music, and discuss the state of the world. I’ve known one of our guests since I was ten years old; we played Little League together. The other guy was one of my housemates when I attended law school at FSU, a million years ago.

I believe in the value of keeping friends for a lifetime. It’s always nice to befriend new people, of course. But the old ones are special. It’ll be a nice evening, here on the island. The weather’s been overcast and damp all day, but now it’s cooling off, at least.

Have a nice Wednesday evening, all.

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