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Hi, friends and readers:

Have you ever seen the film Donnie Darko? No? Are you serious? Putting aside the fact Jake Gyllenhaal is incredibly cute, the movie is a masterpiece, a twisted tale of insanity and time travel. I know people who’ve watched the film 25 times and still haven’t figured it out. Me.? I’ll never figure out Donnie Darko. I’ve actually taken notes while watching the movie, so afterward I could ruminate on the sequence of events. But I guess it’s just too convoluted for a dunce like me to understand.

Don’ touch that mirror, Donnie.

The creepiest part of this 2001 movie is the large rabbit that keeps visiting Donnie when no one else is around. The late Patrick Swayze is terrific as a hypocritical, motivational speaker. And the countdown to Halloween means something more than costume parties and trick-or-treat. Give Donnie Darko a viewing sometime soon. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s been a long day for me. My partner and I rose at seven AM, for a two-mile walk on the beach near our home. The weather was overcast and damp, the Gulf choppy. We’ve had weather like this for several days now. After lunch, we took advantage of the cool air. We worked in our yard and patios, cleaning out beds and re-mulching them, pulling weeds, and trimming shrubs. Now, the outside of our house looks great. The silver buttonwoods and firecracker plants we planted in early May are looking great; I think they like it here.

My boyfriend’s working tonight; I’m on my own, and it’s okay. I’ll eat leftover from our barbeque feast last night. Then maybe I’ll read or watch a film on cable TV. Have a nice Thursday night, everyone, wherever you may be.

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