Sexy guy getting poked in the rear; nice evening on the island …









Hi, friends and readers:

*Note from site administrator. This post was originally posted June 10, 2012. Due to a server glitch, it’s been re-posted on June 11, 2012.

Does everyone like this evening’s video post? We’ve all been there, I suppose. You go home with a guy from the bar. You’re thinking he’s a bottom, but no. He’s a top. Next thing you know, you’re the guy getting poked. Hey, it’s part of the excitement of being a promiscuous gay man. And it’s important to be versatile, right?

I can almost hear the dialogue from the video. Something like:

“Christ, you’re big. I’m not complaining but–”

“Shut up and take it, boy.”

“Okay, but–”

“I said, ‘shut up.'”

“Okay ….”

How was everyone’s Monday. Our golf outnig was nice; the course was beautiful and challenging, as they say. I think I lost about eight balls, mostly to water hazards. Tonight, I’m preparing a baked ziti dish. Afterward, we’ll visit the pool and hot tub at a private swimming club down the street. It should be a beautiful evening.

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