Martin’s new book, “Loving Samuel”, is released …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday, Noble Romance Publishing released my latest novel, Loving Samuel. Here’s the blurb:

Nick’s parents are lower-class. Domestic violence has plagued his Florida childhood. A closeted gay man, he vows he’ll avoid personal commitments as an adult. Nick tells himself, Who needs love? It’s all bullshit, anyway. But on a Costa Rican surfing trip, Nick meets Samuel, a beautiful California surfer who makes Nick’s heart race. Nick’s willing to reconsider his vow, but the two men are so different. And Samuel has psychological problems. Does love between Nick and Samuel stand a chance?

Loving Samuel is the first book I’ve had published since last year. There are many reasons for this. I spent seven months revising a lengthy mainstream novel. I spent another three months revising a novella, Capable of Evil; Bold Strokes Books will publish it later this year. And I spent a great deal of time on Loving Samuel, to be sure it’s the best love story I’ve written to date. My editor, Mary Harris, is a perfectionist and a wonderful collaborator. She found the flaws in my story and helped me fix them. The book is 17,500 words; you could read it in about three sittings.

If you want to buy Loving Samuel, it is only available from Noble Romance at the moment. Here’s the link:

I’m taking a short road trip to visit a loved one this morning, so I’ll cut this post short. I will post the third and last installment of Track Meat this afternoon, when I return home. Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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