Nice comment from a gay triathlete; quiet night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Triathlons seem to be increasing in their popularity. Several are run in our area every year, and the guys look so sexy showing off their lean physiques in their Spandex and Speedos.

This morning I heard from a triathlete named Justin who lives in Southern California. He said this:

“I read your story, Track Meat, in your recent posts. It’s a hot little story. It got me horny. But I can also tell you are a runner because of the way you described training for distance running, and the runner’s high that comes with it.

“I was first a runner, then I moved on to triathlons, which involve running, swimming and cycling. It’s great conditioning. The guys are really hot, but I don’t think  about sex when I’m competing. I have to concentrate on setting my pace in each portion of the competition. I have never met any gay men at competitions, but I’m sure there are some. I wonder what percentage of triathletes are gay? Probably more than most people would think. I wish someone would start a an organization for gay triathletes. Or is there one already?”

Thanks for writing, Justin. Sadly, I can’t do distance running anymore, due to my knees. Also, if there is a gay triathletes’ organization, I don’t know about it. Do any of my readers know if one exists?

I’m home after a busy day. I wrote in the morning, hit the YMCA and the driving range in the afternoon. It was brutally hot at the golf course. I kept having to take breaks and dirnk cold water.

My boyfriend’s working tonight, so I’m on my own. I’ll have a few beers and fix a simple dinner. If I’m not too tired afterward, I may watch a Netflix rental. That’s about as energetic as I’ll be tonight.

Thanks to Justin and all the other readers who wrote to say they enjoyed Track Meat. I know everyone appreciates free fiction, so I’ll keep providing pieces, from time to time. Have a great Wednesday night, everyone.

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