More hot guys in black and white; Martin’s tired …

Hi, friends and readers:

People seem to like the black and white photos I posted this morning, so I’m putting up two more this evening. The young man at left is a popular model, and he usually appears in color photos. This one’s a rarity, and I think it captures his beauty perfectly. Do you agree?

I’m having another heavy-traffic day on this website. Almost every day, for the past two weeks, I’ve had over 2,000 visitors. One day last week, I had 3,600 visitors. It’s nice to be noticed. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by lately.

Here’s another black and white photo I find special. The young man’s handsome, in a different sort of way. And I like the expression on his face. He seems at peace, like he’s thinking about someone or someplace that makes him happy and contented. Maybe it’s his boyfriend, who knows? I wonder what the model’s name is, and where he lives? I’d also like to know the photographer’s name. Does anyone know?

I spent three hours today, scraping loose paint and caulking, all of it overhead stuff, which is the worst kind of painting prep work. This was the ceiling of a screened porch — no air conditioning. Believe me, it was hot as the devil over there. At the end, I was covered in paint chips and my clothing was soaked with sweat. The prep work is only half finished. I’ll do more Saturday. What fun.

I’m looking forward to a nice cool evening with my boyfriend, and maybe an after dinner swim. Have a nice Thursday night, all.


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