One more round of black and white beauty; quiet Friday night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Since the response to my series of black and white photos has been so positive, I thought I’d give you guys two more of my favorites.

The photo at left has a forlorn feel to it, I think. The young man’s clearly deep in thought, but what’s he thinking about? It’s the question posed by the photo, which is why it’s interesting, in my opinion. Okay, the guy’s pretty hot, too. I like his yellow hair, lithe physique, and the way he’s posed. We can’t really see his face, but we know he’s a handsome guy, don’t we?

I had a good afternoon. After lunch, I hit the YMCA. The place was pretty much deserted. I worked out, then hit the swimming pool for lap-swimming. I even had my own lap lane, a rarity.

I hit the driving range on the way home, to practice my swing, and the do some pitching and putting. A rainstorm passed over the course while I was there, but the rain didn’t last long. I felt grateful for the overcast skies and breeze, as they cooled things off.

I’m home now, with a freshly opened beer at my side.  My boyfriend’s at work; he won’t be home until very late tonight. So, I’m on my own.

I’ll likely share a bottle of wine with my neighbor, and then cook myself some dinner. I have a good book to read, and a Netflix rental to watch, so I’ll have plenty to keep me occupied. Maybe I’ll visit the shore to watch sunset tonight, as well. It’s always nice, seeing the sun sink into the Gulf while I chat with my neighbors. I love living on this island.

Enjoy your Friday night, everyone.

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