Tom Daley, teen Olympics diver, was bullied at school.

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Have you heard of a boy named Tom Daley? At age fourteen, he dove for Great Britain at the 2008 Olympics in Bejing. That’s his photo at left.

It seems Tom became the target of school bullying when he returned to school after the Olympics ended. His tormetors nicknamed him “Speedo Boy”, and they threatened to break his legs.

I’m not a big fan of The Sun; it’s mainly a gossip rag, but here’s an interesting article on the Tom Daley incident:

Of course, Tom would be eighteen years old now, and probably is no longer going to school with the idiots who persecuted him. Also, he’s turned into quite the hunk. He appears in male cologne ads, and so forth.

Here’s an up-to-date photo of Tom. See what I mean? Does anyone know if he’s gay? One thing’s for certain: I’ll be watching the diving competition in the London Olympics this summer.

It’s been a good Sunday for me. I even had time to read the entire Tampa Bay Times this morning. After lunch, I painted a table. Then I worked in the yard a few hours: raking, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, and re-potting plants. It’s beautiful here today: breezy and not too humid or hot.

My boyfriend’s due home in an hour or two. He’s leaving for a nine-day stay in California, to visit his brother and two college friends who live out there. We’ll have a special dinner tonight and drink a little wine. I have two bottles of Pinot Noir stowed in the kitchen, and a nice New York strip steak in the fridge. Maybe we’ll go for a swim afterward.

***Tom Daley Update, on 7/10/2012: If you want to see some nice video clips of present-day Tom Daley, doing his thing on the diving board, check out this link:

Aye-yi-yi, he’s gorgeous, isn’t he?

Have a nice Sunday night, everyone.


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