Hot guys in ball caps; Martin’s b/f is home …

Hi, friends and readers:

I think ball caps look sexy on young men, like the guys whose photos I’ve posted here today. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing a shirt or not, the ball cap adds a bit of color and flair to their appearance. Would you agree?

I’m a happy guy this morning. Last night, around 11:30, I picked up my boyfriend at Tampa International Airport. He spent eight days in California, visiting his brother and two college buddies. I know he had a great time out there, but it sure is nice having him back on the island. He was tired, of course, but not too tired to spend a bit of time getting affectionate. Ahhh ….

So, it’s Wednesday, and Tropical Storm Debby has stopped dumping wind and rain on us. Of course, our island is still badly torn up. Everywhere I look I see blue tarps on my neighbors’ roofs. It’ll take weeks before life returns to normal around here. I keep seeing damage I hadn’t noticed before: felled trees, broken windows, and even a sunken boat at the marina. That tornado packed some punch. I hope I never experience another one.

I don’t have much exciting in store for me today. I’ll spend the morning writing and tending to correspondence. After lunch, my boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA for our usual workout and lap-swimming. It’ll be nice, going there with him, instead of by myself. After the “Y”, maybe we’ll visit the golf course to hit buckets of balls. I haven’t been able to do so since the storm showed up, and I miss it. I know, some people think golf is a waste of time, but I’ve come to love it. I like being outdoors in a pretty place, and I do a lot of thinking while I golf.

The story I am working on right now is coming along nicely. At first, I planned to write a short piece, maybe 5,000 words. But I’m already at 10,000 words and the story has a long way to go. That’s the great thing about writing fiction. The creative side of your brain takes over and leads the way. I have no idea where the story will go or how it will end. I only know I like the characters and setting.

My new story is set in Tallahassee, in 1977. The main character is gay, and he’s just coming out to friends and family; it’s a traumatic time for him, but exciting, too. I’m using some Dr. Seuss quotes in the story, ones the main character loved as a child. Here is one:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

I like it, don’t you? Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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