Handsome guy with a serious demeanor; dirty-talking college boy shows off his stuff on video …

Hi friends and readers:

Does everyone like this afternoon’s photo post? I sure do. The young man has beautiful hair and skin. I like his dark brown eyes and the serious expression on his face. I wonder what his name is and where he lives. Does anyone know?

You guys know me; I don’t post porno on this site and never will. Too many underage guys visit here regularly, and I don’t think it’s an appropriate place for smut. But if you like your men college age, and you like to hear them talk dirty, and you are over eighteen years of age, then you can’t miss a video I came across this morning on the Gay Stuff tumblr. Here’s the link:


Aye-yi-yi. That boy can talk about his equipment, can’t he? What would his mother say if she heard him?

I spent three hours on the road today, visiting a loved one for a nice lunch at a restaurant. Even thought it’s Sunday, the traffic was pretty bad. I absolutely hate driving on I-4 between Tampa and Orlando. But I’m home now, and ready for a nice evening with my boyfriend.

I hope everyone’s having a nice Sunday afternoon.

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