Sexy guys with great smiles. Can a leopard change his spots?

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m a sucker for a guy with a great smile. Who isn’t? Listen, a smile can transform a crappy day into a decent one. And a smile doesn’t cost a penny. I’m posting photos of guys with great smiles today. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

I got my butt out the door at eight AM today. I walked two miles on the beach, but honestly, it was miserably hot down there. No breeze blew, either, which only made it worse. The best part of my beach visit was my swim at the end of my walk. At least the Gulf is somewhat cool.

I’m home now, freshly showered and shaved and ready for the day. I have much to do in the writing department, so I will stay busy, plus I want to read the Sunday paper. The Tampa Bay Times f/k/a St. Petersburg Times keeps shrinking; it’s not the paper it used to be. But the Sunday edition is still pretty good.

On my beach walk this morning, I pondered something I read in an essay yesterday. It said, “The most dangerous words you’ll ever hear from your partner are, “‘I will change you.'”

Umm, I think there’s a lot of truth in that statement. I’ve lived a long time on this Earth, and I’ve yet to meet a leopard who changed his spots. I think a person’s personality traits, his flaws and habits, are pretty much established by the time he’s thirteen. And no one’s going to change them; it won’t happen.

Okay, I’ve known people who went through the AA or NA programs, the whole twelve-step thing. Yes, they quit drinking or doing drugs, but they never seemed happy after they did. And I’ve known so many guys who entered into a relationship with someone who planned to “change” them. Of course, those relationships never worked out, ever.

Look, I think you have to be yourself, warts and all. If you have bad habits, you must keep them under control, to a degree. But trying to change your basic nature is an execise in futility. That’s my view on things.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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