Lover boys going at it; nice afternoon for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Most photos of male couples having sex aren’t too artistic; they are normally pulled off porn sites and don’t appeal to me. But I found these two in recent weeks, and I thought I would share them with you. The guys seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t they? Can you blame them?

I spoke with my boyfriend this afternoon. He’s up in Minnesota, visiting friends and relatives, and I can tell he’s enjoying himself, despite the fact I know he misses me terribly.  He’s playing a round of golf with his dad this afternoon.


Here’s the second photo. I swear, the guy on top looks a lot like my favorite NBA player, Gordon Hayward, who’s undeniably the cutest guy in pro basketball. Do you think Gordon’s making money on the side doing porno? I sure hope so …  I’d always thought the NBA paid pretty well, but who knows? Maybe Gordon has mucho expenses ….

Speaking of golf …  I had a fine afternoon. After a good workout and lap-swimming at the YMCA, I visited a driving range at a public course, where I hit a bucket of balls, and then practiced my chipping, pitching, and putting. Conditions were warm and humid, but we had a bit of cloud cover and a little breeze, so it wasn’t too bad. I’m definitely improving with practice. When I used my hybrid club and driver, I actually hit the ball straight most every time, a major improvement for me.

I’m inviting a friend over to drink a bottle of California red wine in just a little while. It’ll be a nice way to start the evening, I think. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll enjoy your Monday night.

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