More cute guys in blue plaid shirts; rainy night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone seemed to enjoy the “sexy guys in blue plaid shirts” photos I posted this morning, so I thought I’d put up a couple of more. The one at left is a favorite of mine. I used to have a body like that, when I was twenty-one. What happened?

It’s just not fair, you know, how beauty is wasted on the young. But that’s the way life works. At least we still have young men to appreciate, even when we are not young.

It’s been a productive day for me. My writing was solid this morning. I had a great workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA, followed by a visit to the oglf course to hit a bucket of balls. I spent time practicing my chipping and pitching, too. Because storms were threatening, I was the only guy whacking balls. Thunder rumbled in the distance, but the storm never reached the course, just a few raindrops. It was nice and peaceful there, and I came home feeling relaxed as can be.

Once home, I took advantage of the damp, overcast weather, to perform an hour’s worth of yard work, stuff I’ve put off for two weeks while I waited for cool weather. I refuse to perform yard work in the summer heat, no way. So, today was a perfect time to trim bushes and rake up refuse. Now I’m showered and feeling great. I’ve just opened a cold beer, and I’ll spend a quiet evening at home, listening to rain tick against my windows and  drum on my roof. I’ll spend the night by myself, but tomorrow my boyfriend returns from Minnesota, after a week’s absence. I’ll be glad to see him.

Have a nice Wednesday night, everyone. If you own a blue plaid shirt, maybe you should wear it this evening. Your boyfriend just might jump your bones if you do ….

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