Beautiful Aaron Carter. What happened?

Hi, friends and readers:

Remember Aaron Carter, younger brother of Back Street Boy Nick Carter?

Aaron was extraordinarily good looking. He could sing and dance, and he showed true promise. Alas, he wasn’t the brightest of boys, and it seems a lack of self-discipline led to drug abuse and the decline of his career.

Aaron hails from the Tampa Bay area, where I live, but I have never met him. I did talk to someone who attended a party where Aaron and a friend showed up. The person I spoke with told me Aaron’s behavior was so obnoxious he was asked to leave by the party’s host. Sad, eh?

Okay, they made Aaron look okay in the photo at left, but clearly he’d slept off his meth hangover when the session was shot. Poor Aaron ….

I had a nice afternoon. The YMCA was pretty much empty, as it often is on Fridays. I had a good, thorough workout with weights and calisthenics. Then I hit the pool to swim 20 lengths. The pool was so empty I had a lane to myself, a true luxury. Afterward, I visited a gold course to hit a bucket of balls on the driving range. A rainstorm rolled through, halfway through my session, so I had to take cover for ten minutes. Then the storm was gone and I finished the bucket. I was actually grateful for the rain, it cooled things off.

I’m home now, enjoying a cold bottle of beer, and pondering what I’ll make for dinner. I detest eating dinner alone, but my boyfriend’s at work and I don’t have much choice. I’ll watch a movie while I dine, and it’ll be okay.

Tomorrow, I must pack for my two-week stay in Maine. I’ll be out in the wilds, with no Internet or cell phone service. (Horrors!) I’ll spend my days hiking, boating, reading, and cooking Maine seafood. Rough, eh?

Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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