Popping a boner in public: a constant problem for randy young men …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s tough being a horny young man. Boners pop up at the most inconvenient places: classrooms,  swimming pools, wrestling matches, you name it. What’s a guy to do?

The young man at left doesn’t seem bothered, does he? He seemed to have a “Go ahead and look if you want” attitude. He’s probably more concerned about winning his race. Good for him ….

My two-mile walk on the beach this morning was great, though I didn’t see any guys with boners (Darn.) A nice breeze blew from the east; it kept things cool, and my dip in the Gulf felt delicious. But I can tell today will be another July scorcher, with a high around 93 degrees F, humidity in the nineties, as well. How did people in Florida survive summers before air conditioning was invented?

Here’s another guy with a problem in his pants. I’m guessing this photo was taken on a train, probably somewhere in Europe. I suspect the young man was asleep, and dreaming lusty dreams, when the photo was taken. Aye-yi-yi ….

My boyfriend’s working today, so I’ll visit the YMCA by myself. Maybe if the sky clouds up this afternoon, I can visit the golf course to hit a bucket of balls, before I return to our island. I have no idea what I’ll do with my evening, but watching sunset with my neighbors will probably be in the mix. I have plenty of work to do in the writing department. I’ll stay busy, that’s for certain.

Have a nice Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend.

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