What really goes on in gay men’s lives? It depends who you ask ….


Hi, friends and readers:

I came across the collage I’ve posted here today, and I found it pretty funny. Why? Because so much truth dwells within it, that’s why. Look, living life as an openly gay man has its challenges, even in the of post-Will & Grace age, with Ellen DeGeneres popular, and gay marriage legalized in six states. (Or is it seven? I’m losing track ….) People have all kinds of misconceptions about they way we live, and what our favorite activities are. Can you blame them?

I recently attended a gay pride parade in my area, and I can’t really say I was  “proud” of many things I saw. Getting drunk, wearing clothes way-too-tight and way-too-revealing, at ten AM, does not endear us to our non-gay neighbors. But that’s the image so many participants offered. Hmm, not smart, guys. Not smart.

Of course, our mothers will always suspect we do all kinds of pervy things while wearing kinky clothing. And the Christian kooks like Mr. Chick-fil-A will always believe we lust for little boys. (Aye-yi-yi …) And our straight guy friends will always believe our sex lives are way more exciting than theirs. But really, most of us are happy to live a quiet life with our partners and friends, just like most straight people.

Yes, we like to party. Yes, we like to dance and maybe get promiscuous now and then. But deep down, most of us are nice guys and responsible citizens who pay our taxes and do our best at whatever career we pursue. And that’s okay, isn’t it?

On the other hand, let me say I consider any gay man who lives his life openly and without apology a bit of a revolutionary. It takes balls to be yourself in a conformist society that frowns on those who deviate from the conventional behaviors of the majority. Well, the poster at left says it all, in my opinion.

You don’t like the fact my partner is another man? I’d say that’s your problem, not mine. I’ll live as I choose, and if that means we can’t be friends, I’d say that’s your loss, not mine, Jose. I’ve lived in the closet when I was a very young man, and it’s no way to live. I’d rather have fewer friends, but friends who love me for who I am, and not some phony facade I put on to please them.

Okay, rant over. I hope your Friday’s going well, friends. The weekend’s here!

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