Cute guy showing off his stuff; nice day in Wisconsin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Does everyone like this evening’s photo post. It seems some boys can’t resist showing off their slender physiques when they’re online, doing a bit of social networking. I’m not offended by it, are you? Of course you’re not. In fact, you’re probably grateful for such offerings. I know I am . . . .

So, how was your Wednesday. Did you go to work or school? I played a round of golf at a very nice course on a lake, about a 40-minute drive from our fishing camp. The weather was beautiful — sunny and dry, with a nice breeze. My golfing was dreadful, one of the worst rounds I have played in month. But I still enjoyed myself.

We’re home now, with a well-stocked fridge. The beer up here is so good, especially a brand called Leinenkugel’s. (In German, that translates to “linen bullet”, go figure.) I’m drinking a bottle as I write this. Boy it tastes great. Tonight, we’ll drive into the nearest village for a pizza and a trip to the salad bar, a nice change from eating our own cooking.

Have a nice Wednesday night, all.

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