Young guys with amazing bodies; our last night in Wisconsin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the two young men in tonight’s post. Face it: a guy only has a body like that for a few years, usually between ages 18 and 23.

I wrote the following in my story, Dream Boy, included in my anthology, Flawed Boys:

“The world produces an endless supply of handsome young men who, for a time at least, are close to physical perfection. Oblivious to their beauty, they don’t realize that soon their waists will thicken, their hair will thin, and their cheekbones will lose their prominence. Their abdominal muscles will disappear from view, and they’ll become … ordinary.”

Sadly it’s true. If you are speaking purely of bodily hotness, it’s hard to beat guys 18-21. But they come with their own set of problems, don’t they? Emotional immaturity, selfishness, irresponsibility, vanity, shallowness, and cruelty come to mind. Often, a guy needs the crap kicked out of him by life, several times, before he finally realizes the world does not revolve around him, just because he owns a spectacular set of abdominal muscles.

So, I’d say it’s often wisest to look, but not touch, guys in that age range. They’re just too much trouble to deal with, despite their amazing bodies. Better to catch them a few years later, when they’ve settled down and learned to be suitably humble. Then they can be a delight to be around.

Tonight is our last night in Wisconsin. This afternoon we went fishing on the lake and we had such a nice time. The weather was perfect: sunny, dry, with a light breeze, and a temperature around 75 degrees F. We even caught a few fish. Tonight, we’ll visit a tavern in a nearby village for their Friday Night Fish Fry, which includes Leinenkugel’s  beer at $2.25 for a 16 oz. glass. What a deal ….

Have a nice Friday night, everyone.


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