Naked guys at the lake; sunny day in Wisconsin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Its funny how nature inspires young men to shed their clothing when they’re outdoors. Is it the sunshine, the fresh air, or the feel of clean cool water against the skin? Who knows? But I like it. The guys in today’s photo posts seem to be enjoying themselves immensely, don’t he?

Our golf outing was fun yesterday, although the weather was cloudy and cool. I played my usual crappy game, but I enjoyed being with my boyfriend, his dad and brother. None of us took the game too seriously, which was good. Seriousness can ruin a round of golf. The sport’s supposed to be fun, right? The whole idea is to relax and improve your game as best you can, in my book anyway.

Last night, we grilled steaks while drinking entirely too much beer. Then we played a game of four-man, 500-point rummy. The game lasted about three hours, with no clear winner. No one reached 500 points. It was a bit crazy, but then we had very determined players at the table.

My boyfriend’s brother and dad left this morning, after breakfast, and now we’re about to head out on the lake in our boat, to do a little fishing. Today is our last day here at the camp. Tomorrow, we’ll drive to Minneapolis, where we’ll stay at my boyfriend’s folks’ house for a night.

It’s been great, spending a week here in northern Wisconsin. I have to say, it’s a beautiful place, very clean and green, and the people here are both friendly and unpretentious. I look forward to spending more time here in the summers ahead.

Alright, everyone: have a wonderful Saturday, wherever you may be.

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