Sexy guy in tight briefs; dinner on the town for Martin and his b/f …

Hi, friends and readers:

You all know the story. I created a blog in December 2008. It grew in popularity each year. By December 2011, I averaged 3,000-2,500 visitors per day. Then, without warning, WordPress killed the blog because they said it was “too commercial”, since I advertised my books on it. (Huh?)

So, I had to start over. I created this .com website. I was able to retrieve all the text from my old blog posts, but none of the photos. So, I had to repopulate all my old posts with photos, mostly the same ones used in the original posts.

Certain photos I could not find on the Internet, but once in a while, I’ll find another one. And tonight’s photo post is one of those. People loved this photo when I put it up before. He’a a babe, isn’t he? Check out his lovely abs. Why don’t have a belly like his?

My boyfriend has the night off. Then he’s working every day for a week solid, including an out-of-town stint, so we’re going to make the evening special by dining out at our favorite seafood place. This place never fails to please. We’ll enjoy a nice bottle of wine and an appetizer with our meal.

Outside, the wind’s gusting quite strongly; the fronds on our coconut palms are dancing to and fro. An entire posse of surfers has invaded our beach, since Tropical Storm Isaac has kicked up a little wave action.

I like surfers, don’t you?

I’m not planning to surf today or tomorrow. I guess I am spoiled by East Coast swell, and the work one has to do to catch a short ride over here is not worth it to me. I’d rather drive 2-1/2 hours and enjoy the nice, long rides the Atlantic affords.

Traffic’s heavy on this site today. I’ll likely have 4,000 visitors by the day’s end. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today. Maybe the death of my old blog wasn’t such a bad thing after all. It’s funny: sometimes what we initially view as misfortune actually turns out to be an opportunity for something better in our lives. Know what I mean?

Have a nice Monday night, everyone.

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