Sexy guys at the beach; Martin’s hitting the road …

Hi, friends and readers:

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and for many people that means a spending few days at the shore, enjoying the sunshine and warm waters. The guys in today’s photo posts seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t they?

I spent the better part of today driving to visit a loved on in an ALF, about seventy miles from my island. It’s always a crazy drive, with maniacal motorists swerving, speeding, and tailgating like they have some sort of death wish.  But I survived.

Now I’m packing for another road trip, this one to Gainesville, FL to watch the opening game of the Florida Gators’ football season. I’m riding up with two friends, and we’ll stay at a friend’s residence on the edge of the city, where it’s quiet. Somewhere in there, we’ll dine out at a restaurant or a fast food place. Who knows?

I’m not a football fanatic, but I spent my undergraduate years at UF, and I always enjoy visiting campus, to see the newest changes taking place there, and to check out all the hot college boys.

The game’s at 3:30 PM tomorrow. We’ll attend a pre-game tailgate party on campus. We have great seats on the 45-yard line, on the shady side of the stadium. It should be great fun, and Gainesville is an easy 2-1/2 hour drive from here, a piece of cake.

I won’t be posting tomorrow, but I’ll get home Sunday, and I’ll fill you in on my weekend. Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

Go Gators!

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