It’s Labor Day. Are you flying your flag?

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Labor Day today, so I’m posting my two favorite “Flag Boy” photos for your enjoyment. Are you flying your flag proudly today?

Labor unions don’t carry the clout they once did. There are many reasons for this. Primarily, it’s hard for U. S. companies to compete in the global economy if their labor costs are too high. A worker in China or India can be hired for one-third what a U. S. worker can. Workers in third-world countries don’t expect benefits like health insurance, paid vacations and sick days, and so forth.

It’s a sad fact, but U. S. production workers have, in manufacturing particularly, priced themselves out of the market, and the jobs they have lost are not coming back. What’s the solution? I have no idea. But I still have great respect for folks who get up in the morning and report to a plant to produce cars, tractors, steel, appliances, tires, computer hardware, medical equipment, and so forth. We couldn’t get along without them.

I’m back from my morning walk on the beach. The shore was beautiful. The sun shone, a light breeze blew, and the Gulf was calm. Many schools of bait fish swam near shore, and I watched a group of two dozen brown pelicans feast while, farther out, several dolphins chased their morning breakfast. Seabirds dined on the bait fish, as well.

I live on a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico, west of Tampa-St. Pete. Labor Day is always a popular day for beachgoers. Folks from town will soon arrive with their tents, coolers, and lawn chairs, and all the parking spaces on the island will be full. It’s okay, I like seeing people enjoy our beautiful beach.

Have a nice Labor Day, friends, wherever you are.

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