More comments on watching football. Whats the big deal?

Hi, friends and readers:

My post yesterday, about watching football, has generated a deluge of comments, mostly breaking into one of two camps:

(1) Gay men who think watching football is for gnat-brained straight guys who have nothing better to do; and

(2) Gay men who think it’s perfectly okay for guys who suck cock to also watch football.

One guy said, “Football is barbaric. It’s played by morons for the entertainment of morons. People are seriously injured while playing, and for what? There are so many beautiful things to enjoy in this world: nature, art, music, to name a few. Why spend three hours staring into a TV screen, watching nonsense? I don’t get it? And don’t tell me watching football does anything beneficial for you. It’s not exerise. You’re sitting on the couch, eating garbage food and drinking beer. How is that a good thing?”

Hmmmm …..

Another guy said: “Why shouldn’t a gay man enjoy watching football or any other sport? I played football in high school; I love the sport, it’s like no other sport. No one’s going to tell me I can’t indulge in watching college or NFL games. Some of my gay friends give me shit about watching football. I resist the urge to give them shit back about going to the symphony on Saturday night. I’d be bored to tears if I went to the symphony, but I wouldn’t criticize my friends for doing it if they enjoy it.”

Well, there you have it, friends. In my view, American men spend a bit too much time watching football every fall. Why not mix up your Saturday and Sunday activities with other pursuits? But that’s just me.

I took my three-mile walk on the beach this morning. The temperature was relatively cool, and the beach nearly deserted. Afterward, I worked on my new novel for two hours, it’s coming along nicely. This afternoon, I’ll have the joy of replacing the tires on my Element, the existing four have 45,000 miles on them, and they’re looking a bit . . . bald. With all the driving I’ll do in the months ahead, I think it’s time to bite the bullet and buy my car some new shoes.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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