Are you afraid of lightning? A rainy, muggy day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Does lightning scare you? Not me, I find it fascinating to watch, as long as I’m in a protected place.

I think the video I’ve posted here tonight is pretty cool. Did you know the Tampa Bay area, where I live, is the “lightning capital of the world”? No kidding, it is. Since I’ve lived here all my life, I’ve seen plenty of lightning in my day. We didn’t have lightning today, but plenty of rain and heat. Ugh ….

I spent a l-o-n-g afternoon, deep-cleaning my rental apartment next door. The last occupant lived there twenty-five years. She’s a dear soul, but not the best of housekeepers, and it took me five hours of steady work to get the place clean enough to rent. My lower back’s a bit sore, and I’m kind of tired, but I feel good about the way the place looks. Now, all I need is a tenant.

A longtime  friend is joining me tonight for a drink or two, and then dinner out at a restaurant of his choice. It’ll be a fun evening. Enjoy your, wherever you may be.


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