A pair of cool skater pics; productive day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know I have a special place in my heart for skateboarders, especially the gay skaters who write me via this website. Skaters are nonconformists and outsiders, so being gay and skating is actually a nice fit. Problem is, the skater subculture, as a whole, is not particularly receptive to openly gay skaters.

I wrote a short story about a gay skateboarder named Carter DuBose and his best friend, Douglas Quick. It’s about the importance of friendship and acceptance. And about  change. You can read the story for free on this website. Just click on the cover in the “free fiction” section in the sidebar to the right. Go on: give it a read. You might like it.

Today has been a productive day for me, starting with my three-mile walk on the beach. After I spent my morning writing, I worked on m rental apartment next door. I painted the exterior side of a French door–a real pain in the butt–but it needed done. I visited the bank to apply for one of those credit card swipe gadgets for my iPhone, so my renters can pay with credit cards instead of checks. Then I came home and worked in the yard a bit.

The rental apartment is starting to look really nice. I bought decent artwork at a thrift shop, and I hung these,this afternoon. What a difference they make.

Now, I;m relaxing with a drink and listening to one of my favorite rock albums from the early 1970s: All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople. Ever heard it? Mott the Hoople was an amazing guitar band from the U. K., and this album is very, very gay.

You can buy All the Young Dudes here: http://www.amazon.com/All-Young-Dudes-Mott-Hoople/dp/B000E6EJAC

Speaking of young dudes, do you like the skateboarder at left as much as I do? I love the expression on his face. He’s clearly asking himself, “Why is that guy taking my photo? Is he queer or something?”

Ummm, yeah, buddy, I think so ….

I think I’ll finally watch my Netflix rental tonight. I keep falling asleep before I can get to it, but maybe tonight …. We’ll see. Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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