A sexy video to brighten your weekend. Busy Friday ahead for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know me: I don’t post porno on this site, and I never will because guys of all ages visit here, and I don’t want to expose underage men to stuff they should not see.

Just the same, I appreciate a saucy skin-flick as much as the next guy, and yesterday I came across one I found very . . . stimulating, to say the least. If you’re over eighteen and feeling horny, I think you’ll enjoy it. Here’s the link:


I’m not sure which guy I like better in the video: the red-haired twink or the hunky top-man. They’re both pretty hot, don’t you think? How lucky we are to see this little gem of a video for free.

I crashed early last night, after trying to watch a gay-themed Netflix rental titled Rock Haven. I made it half way through the film before giving up. Look: just because a movie has a gay theme doesn’t make it interesting if the script is bad and the acting is wooden. The only good thing about the film was the setting–a very beautiful island on the Pacific coast. Oh, well, maybe my next selection will be better.

My three-mile walk on the beach this morning was exquisite. I left the house at sunrise. The air was cool and a light breeze blew. The tide was out and the Gulf was calm, perfect conditions for a brisk, barefoot walk. The sun crested buildings to the east of me on the return half of my walk, and the sky boiled with colors of red, gold and green. What a sight.

I have much to do this afternoon: YMCA, driving range, a trip to the supermarket, bills to pay, and correspondence to attend to. I’m not sure what I’ll do tonight, but I’ll watch sunset with my neighbors, for certain. Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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