A pair of lovely male rear-ends. Why can’t people turn off technology at times?

Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this website, then you know I’m a devotee of fine male rear-ends. What could be sexier than a guy with a beefy, well-rounded butt? Answer: nothing.

I know you guys will enjoy this morning’s photo posts. Do you think the guy on top is really a student at Duke University? If so, how do I enroll?

Okay, I rose around 7:30 this morning, to take my one-hour, three-mile walk on the shore. I don’t carry anything with me, other than the sandals I remove once I’m walking on sand.

Most days, I’ll encounter two dozen people during my walk. They’re walking, as well. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone. But here’s what drives me nuts. Here’s what I don’t get: half the people I pass are either talking on their cell phones, or they’re listening to their MP3s. I even passed one woman this morning who was texting. Huh?

Look, there’s no prettier place at eight AM than the beach down the street from my house. The sand’s as white as table sugar, the water is clear, and the sky is a brilliant blue, most every day. Sea life is abundant: gulls, pelicans, bottle nosed dolphin, pods of baitfish, and even the occasional manatee.

The sounds at the shore are so soothing: the cry of seagulls, the lap of waves kissing the shore, the splash of a Pelican dive-bombing a fish he’ll eat for breakfast, and the breeze rustling fronds on a Sabal palm. The entire atmosphere stimulates thought and enriches the soul.

But you don’t see or hear much of these delights if you are talking on a cell phone and/or listening to Bach, One Direction, The Doors, or Herbie Mann, now do you? I feel like saying to these people, “Why waste your time at the beach doing something you can do at home? I don’t get it. Why not turn the damned techie gadgets off and enjoy all the beauty nature offers? Are you really so bored and jaded you can’t let nature entertain you for an hour?”

Okay: rant over. Have a nice Thursday, everyone.


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