Surfer photos. Martin’s home from the East Coast. Record day on this website yesterday ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Did you think I’d forgotten you because I did not post yesterday? It’s not true, I swear. My boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Brevard County, on Florida’s East Coast, hoping for a few good surfing sessions.

Sadly, a system called Tropical Storm Rafael is moving about the Atlantic, hurling heavy winds at Florida. The winds ruined the surfing conditions.

We tried surfing the Cocoa Beach Pier Friday afternoon, but the waves were chopped up, and a wicked undertow keep pulling us south toward the Pier. I mean, as strong an undertow as I have ever experienced. It wasn’t safe out there, and too much work for too little pleasure. I grabbed a few shore pound rides, and that was it. Surfing-wise, the weekend was a bust, and that was a bit discouraging. But we’ve learned to bring our golf clubs and bicycles, and we find other parts of Brevard County to enjoy. So, the weekend was still fun. I can’t say my golfing was in great form, but I enjoyed the course we played immensely.

The weather this weekend was perfect, despite the winds from the tropical storm. The days were warm, but not too humid, and the breeze kept things cool. Nights were cool enough for a sweatshirt. We took an after-dinner walk on the beach on Friday night, a nice little romantic stroll. I always like walking underneath Cocoa Beach Pier, listening to the waves slap the shore, and holding my boyfriend’s hand.

Once we returned to the West Coast and unpacked, we took a dip in the Gulf. The water felt so refreshing.

Now, my boyfriend’s headed by to Gainesville as I write this, and I’m settling in for a quiet Sunday evening by myself. I’ve mixed myself a vodka/tonic and there’s leftover baked Ziti in the fridge I can warm up in the oven. Outside, it’s cooling down, and I think I may view sunset with my neighbors. What a nice way to end a pleasant weekend. I’m really lucky to live on this island, and fortunate to have such wonderful neighbors to share it with.

Oh, yes, one more thing:

Yesterday, 5,060 people visited this website, the largest number in the history of the site. My numbers have steadily risen since I started the site in December 2011, after my old blog was murdered by WordPress.

I want to say thanks to all the old followers of my blog who took the trouble to make their way to my new website. Thanks for Marcelo Benedicto, who helped me create the new site. And thanks to all the folks who’ve bought my fiction this year. There’s more to come, as they say, in the months ahead. So, please keep stopping by.

Have a nice Sunday night, all.

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