The Harries Twins; aren’t they cute?








Hi, friends and readers:

Are you familiar with the Harries Twins? They are Brits who post videos of themselves and their guests on YouTube. I don’t know if they are gay–according to this clip, no–but they certainly are cute and gay-friendly, and that’s enough for me. Here’s a link to one of their videos where their guest is an “out there” gay boy:

If you’ll look in the sidebar at right, you’ll see a black and white video clip where a guy is wearing a beanie, and talking about feeling suicidal. The heading reads: “Having a bad day?” Until now, I’d never realized the guy in the video is one of the Harries Twins. I’m not sure which. Someone pointed this out to me the other day.

The Harries Twins seem pretty cool to me. Have a look at their YouTube stuff, and tell me what you think. Why is it so many British lads have such beautiful skin and hair? I’m jealous as hell ….

In keeping with this morning’s theme, here’s another Venetian blind photo for your viewing pleasure. How come Venetian blinds are so … provocative?

It’s been an unusual day for me. I planned to visit the YMCA today, but bridge and road construction prevented me from even leaving the island I live on. I was captive.

Oh, dog’s bollocks.

So, I took a 14-mile bike ride, and then washed windows at my place and the rental apartment next door. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Okay, it does sound boring as hell, but I was stranded, and the crap needed done. Now this place looks like Martha Stewart lives here ….

I’m staying home this evening; I’m tired after the bike ride and all the work I did. I’ll work on my new novel a bit before fixing dinner, and maybe I’ll visit the time-share down the road for a swim and a soak in the spa. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Have a great Friday night, everyone.

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