Sexy guys in collared shirts. Gator football’s on tap for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here in Florida, especially in our beach communities, people don’t dress up at all. T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops are the order of the day, and that’s fine by me. I find a guy who’s wearing only a pair of boardshorts can be pretty appealing, too. But occasionally, I enjoy seeing a young man in a collared shirt, especially one with some color in it, and I find the guys in today’s photo posts pretty enticing. Do you?

I slept in late this morning; I’m not sure why. But I took my usual three-mile walk on the beach this morning, and conditions were nothing less than beautiful. The sun shone, the Gulf had  a bit of wave action, and a nice breeze blew. What a great way to start my day. All that’s missing is my beautiful boyfriend, but he’s hard at work in Gainesville. I’ll see him Monday, and I can’t wait.

Today’s going to be fun. After I run several errands: hazardous waste dump, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Office Depot (Oh, boy!) I’ll settle into my loveseat to watch the Florida Gators play the South Carolina Cocks (Okay, Gamecocks ….) in what will likely be the Gators’ most important game of the regular season. I’ve invited a friend over, and we’ll likely go out for dinner after the game.

It’s been a busy week, traffic-wise, here on this website. Most days, I’m averaging 4,500-5,000 visits per day. It’s great, and I want to thank everyone who has stopped by, and especially those who’ve sent me comments. I love hearing from you guys, I really do. The site’s an unqualified success.

Have a great Saturday, friends, wherever you may be.

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