Guys in Speedos never fail to please; nice night in Gainesville ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Those of us who appreciate a fine male physique are never disappointed when we see a young man in a Speedo swimsuit, are we?

Check out the guy at left. Nice body, nice shock of hair. What’s he checking for? And why don’t I attend more swim meets in my area?

It’s late here in Gainesville. My boyfriend took me out for a nice dinner, the food and wine were great. But his company was the best part of the meal.

Tomorrow, Mr. Boyfriend has to work, and I’ll be left to my own devices, which is not a problem for me. If have hours of edits to work on, concerning my upcoming novel, Capable of Evil. I’ll take my one-hour stroll around the UF campus, first thing in morning, and I’ll take a nice bike ride during the afternoon, in some neighborhood I have not yet explored.

A guy named J.J. wrote me a few days ago. He said this:

“Wow, this site is amazing, stumbled on it while searching for something. I’m gay myself, and all my friends accept me. I heard its a lot more difficult to be out in the USA.

“Good luck guys someday the world will change.”

Well, yeah: it is tougher being gay in our country, particularly in the South. But conditions and attitudes improve each year. One day, gay men will be treated as equals with their straight counterparts. We have to keep fighting for equality, and eventually we’ll get it. We will.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends, wherever you are.

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