Are cargo shorts on the way out? I sure hope not ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I recently read, I believe in a GQ someone lent me, that men’s cargo shorts are on their way “out” of fashion. It seems the fashionistas have declared war on cargo shorts, and soon they’ll expect us to walk around in shorter shorts without all those handy pockets.

Hmmm. I say screw the fashion dictators. I like my cargo shorts. They’re comfortable; they hold my wallet and keys, and even my i-Pod when I’m out on the street. Why should I give them up?

Recently, I attended a football weekend at University of Florida. I saw these freshmen fraternity boys parading around in khaki shorts that only came down to mid-thigh. They wore boat shoes, oxford-cloth, button down shirts, and rep ties. All I could think was, “Boys, you look so ’80s preppie.’ The look has come and gone.”

But then, I am not a follower of fashion; I don’t need to be. I live on a barrier island and I dress for comfort. I’m fine with cargo shorts and a polo shirt when I dine out. Oh, I’m a flip-flops man, too. Shoes? Who needs them?

Our nasty weather has finally departed. This morning, I had a beautiful, three-mile walk on the beach. The tide was low and the sand was hard-packed. Onlu the lightest breeze blew, and the temperature was around 65 degrees F. Perfect. I love this time of year in Florida.

This afternoon, I’ll visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. Then I have a few errands to run before returning home. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening, but now that the wind has stopped blowing, here on the island, a nice walk to the beach to watch sunset should be in the mix of things.

Have a great Wednesday, friends.

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