Hot guys with blue eyes; Martin’s home from South Beach.

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m tossing two photos of cute guys with blue eyes onto this site tonight. Do you like them? I especially like the chin stubble on the guy at left.


Well, when you first decide you’d rather kiss boys than girls, it sometimes comes as a surprise when your boyfriend’s chin stubble rasps against yours while you smooch. It’s so different than kissing a girl, and I think it’s pretty sexy.

Would you like to kiss “Mr. Blue Eyes” at left? Of course you would.

I’m home from South Beach, after a nerve-jangling, six-hour drive. I had to drop off my German friends at the airport, then travel west on the expressway. Of course, the DOT had two lanes shut down, just south of Miami International, so I crawled through traffic for a half-hour, to reach the Palmetto Expressway. It took me another five hours to reach my little island.

I arrived home in time to watch sunset with all my neighbors.  God, it was nice. The temperature here tonight is perfect: about 75 degrees F and very low humidity.

I must perform final proofreading on my new book, Capable of Evil, tomorrow morning. Then the manuscript’s off to the printer. As a result, I can’t stay up late tonight, and that’s okay. I rose at seven AM today, and I’m pretty tired from the long drive back from South Beach. I’ll call it an early bedtime, and then I can rise early again, tomorrow. You see how I suffer, as your dedicated fiction writer?

Have a nice Saturday night, everyone.

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