Daylight Savings Time? This freakin’ time change drives me to tears ….








Hi, friends and readers:

This morning, I woke really early, about 4 AM, or so I thought. Then I realized, “Oh, no: I was supposed to roll the clocks back an hour last night”. It was actually only three AM. What was I to do? My boyfriend’s 2-1/2 hours away, I couldn’t snuggle with him. It was too late for a nightcap, and too early to get up. So, I worked a crossword puzzle and did a bit of reading. I finally slept around five AM. Great ….

This DST change twice a year drives me nuts. It shall be weeks before I adjust. This stuff’s enough to make a fellow cry, like poor Leo did in the video clip I have posted tonight. The clip’s from a film Leo made when he was just getting his career off the ground. The film’s titled Total Eclipse, and in it Leo played the part of gay French poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Something tells me Leo regrets accepting the role, now that he’s so famous. But that’s show biz, right?

I always thought Leo was cute, especially in his Titanic days, before he bulked up and turned into more of a hunk. Some guys look better skinny, don’t you think?

No? I guess it’s all a matter of taste, as they say ….

Home was nice today. I bought two photographs at an open-air market down the street, and placed them in frames. Then I hung them next door in my rental unit. They really dress up the rooms they’re in, I think.  The effort was worth it.

In a little while, I will visit the beach to watch sunset with my neighbors again. Then I’ll make myself dinner. Nothing too exciting, but I’m okay with a quiet night, after my trip to South Beach and all that driving.

Have a nice Sunday evening, friends.

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