The hunky guys at University of Florida. It’s okay to look, right?

Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this website, then you know I’m in Gainesville, FL for a few days, to visit my beautiful boyfriend who’s on assignment up here by his company. He lives two blocks from University of Florida, and every morning, before I have breakfast, I take a one-hour walk through the campus. UF’s a beautiful school with red brick buildings and many ancient trees: oaks, pines, and magnolias, among others.

The best sights on campus, however, are the male undergraduates strutting toward classes. Most wear t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops, and so many are gorgeous guys with chiseled features and ripped physiques.

I visited a supermarket near campus, to stock our fridge today and some very hot guys shopped alongside me. I got so excited, I almost dropped my bananas. (Oh, no!) All right, I already have a boyfriend–I would not trade him for the world–but it’s still okay to look, right?

I’m done with my writing for today. I’m editing a story titled The Mirror I intend to submit for inclusion of a gay anthology focusing on the supernatural. It’s a cute story about a guy who falls in love with the ghost of a young man who lived during Civil War times.

The weather’s cool, but sunny in Gainesville today. In a little while, I will take a bike ride around my boyfriend’s neighborhood. I like exploring by bike; you see so much more than you would in a car, and you can cover more ground than you could by foot.

I’m taking my boyfriend out to dinner tonight, someplace nice, and I’m looking forward to that. Gainesville has plenty of good dining choices, so we’ll pick a good one.

One last thing …. It’s no secret I voted for Obama and all the other Democrats in races I could vote in. I’m pleased to see the Democrats did so well yesterday. I’m also glad the gay marriage initiatives did well, as did marijuana legalization efforts. I think I’ll buy a new American flag for my home, when I get home later this week.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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