Dining between the buns. What are you having for dinner tonight?








Hi, friends and readers:

Some people don’t understand gay sex. And that’s okay, I guess. But if you’re a straight guy and you dine between your girlfriend’s legs, don’t tell me I can’t can’t eat between the buns. If you’re a gay man and haven’t tried this, you should. It’s quite erotic, and your boyfriend will love it, guaranteed.

Speaking of dining ….

I’m hosting two friends for dinner tonight. It’s beautiful here, about seventy degrees F, still and dry. My garden fountain is gurgling, the Tiki torch is burning, and I’ll grille a steak over charcoal. My friends are bringing stone crab claws; I’ll steam them with butter, garlic and white wine. Aye-y-yi, what could be better?

Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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