Sexy, shirtless guy; Martin’s hitting the road ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Homecoming weekend on the University of Florida campus. Tonight’s Gator Growl, a huge pep rally where 60,000 people will attend. Tomorrow’s the parade and the game, and the boys will take their shirts off to bask in Florida’s warm sunshine, just like the young man at left.

He’s handsome, isn’t he?

Sadly, I won’t be in Gainesville to enjoy the amazing sights. I’m hitting the road in about an hour, to return to my little island. I have much to do in the writing department this weekend, so I’ll be busy.

It’s been a good visit; the weather’s been great. I have enjoyed my many walks through campus, and around this lovely old neighborhood. I spent three nice evenings with my beautiful boyfriend.

How can I complain? I can’t, but I have a 2-1/2 hour drive ahead of me, so I will keep this post short. Wherever you are today, my friends, I hope your Friday’s a good one.

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