Sex on the beach. Ever seen the film “From Here to Eternity”?

Hi, friends and readers:

Have you ever seen the film From Here to Eternity? It’s based upon a lengthy, very well-written novel by James Jones. Set in Oahu, the film’s most famous moment is a sex-on-the-beach scene involving Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, when both were quite attractive.The photo I’ve posted here tonight sort of reminds me of that scene. Now, I’ve done a bit shoreline groping in my time, but I’ve never had intercourse on the beach. Wouldn’t the sand rub your skin raw?

My day’s been good. I had a great 14-mile bike ride during early afternoon. Then I did yard work and visited to supermarket to buy things for tonight’s grille fest. It’s a beautiful evening, here on the island. I’m looking forward to hosting my friend, and enjoying the island breezes.

Have a nice Sunday night, all.

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