Splashing your face with water, a nice way to refresh yourself ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Every morning, before I take my three-mile beach walk, I’ll splash my face with cold water at the bathroom sink. It helps start my engine, so to speak.

I really like both photos I’ve posted here this morning. The first appears to be taken at night. That looks like firelight to me, anyway. Was the photo taken at a river’s edge? is the young man camping? I guess we’ll never know, will we?

The second photo was clearly taken outdoors during daylight hours. I love the way the photographer caught the movement of water and the reflection of sunlight in the droplets bouncing off the young man’s face. I hope both photographs put you in a good mood to start your week. Mondays can sometimes seem daunting, can’t they?

I’m done with my writing for the day. After lunch, I’ll visit the YMCA for my usual workout and lap-swimming. It’s another beautiful fall day on the island. The sun’s shining and a light breeze is blowing. The temperature’s around 77 degrees F. I have my doors and windows open, and I can hear my patio fountain’s gurgles. What a great morning.

I hope your Monday’s going well, wherever you may be, friends.

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