Two clips of the adorable Harries twins. Which is which?

Hi, friends and readers:

Have you seen the Harries Twins, Jack and Finn, on YouTube? They are uber cute, gay-friendly, and very funny to watch. That’s one of the brothers at left, but I couldn’t tell you which one. Does anyone know?

I’m still not over the Daylight Savings Time shift. I keep falling asleep super early, like at 9:30 PM. Then I wake up at four AM, with no chance I’ll go back to sleep no matter how hard I try. I took my morning walk today in semi-darkness, at seven AM. A cool breeze blew form the north, and hardly anyone walked the beach, just a few regulars I always see.

I was home by eight AM, at the keyboard fifteen minutes later, with coffee mug at my side. I got some solid writing done on my new novel, which is always a good way to start my day.

Okay, here’s the other Harries twin at left. I don’t know which one is cuter. What do you think? Now, I’m told these guys are straight, and that’s okay. It’s just sad because …. they’re so adorable.

Oh, quit whining, Martin.

I have a busy day ahead of me. After lunch, I’ll visit the YMCA for my usual workout and lap-swimming. Then I have a hour-long, private golf lesson at a course in the city. My instructor’s a great teacher. It’s too bad I’m such a crappy student, but I am determined to master the game, even if it kills me. (It probably will ….)

A friend’s having me over for a small gathering at his home this evening, to celebrate a neighbor’s birthday. It should be nice. Today’s another pretty day. The sun’s shining and a nice breeze keeps things cool.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

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